Polyjacking a Settled Crystal Lake Patio

Polyurethane Concrete Lifting or “Polyjacking” Saves Sunken Crystal Lake Patio

Due to poor backfill material used by the home builder, this beautiful concrete patio was destined for trouble from the time of construction.  Although difficult to imagine from the photo, the outer left edge of this patio had dropped a full 5 inches! To make matters worse, the slab next to the home had also dropped causing water to drain towards the foundation.

Lift and support sunken patio.

Polyjacking is an Easy Choice Compared to Mudjacking or Replacement

Replacing this patio would have been a very expensive and invasive process, taking at least 3-days to complete.  Polyjacking avoids the disruption, damage to landscaping and mess that should be expected from major concrete replacement.

Raise sunken concrete patio.

It is easy to see in the images above that our polyurethane concrete raising system is very non-invasive. Grass and landscaping were not damaged or disturbed, and the project took only a few short hours to complete. The homeowner was also able to use the patio immediately once we were done.

Acme Concrete Inc. Specializes in Polyurethane Foam Concrete Raising

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