Saving a Dropped Crystal Lake Garage Approach

Acme Concrete Inc. Saves Settled Concrete in Chicago’s NW Suburbs!

Concrete is still one of the best invented building materials.  However, everything has limitations and drawbacks.  Although concrete is durable and lasts a long time, most concrete will crack.  If an area is not properly prepared prior to installation, settling will likely occur.  When concrete sinks, it may or may not remain a singular piece, causing cracks to develop.

Our goal is to help people understand that most settled concrete can be saved, avoiding removal and replacement!

Raise settled driveway

The left side of this Crystal Lake garage approach settled without cracking.  The settling caused a three foot, corner section on right side to break and become uneven. Unfortunately, many property owners automatically assume removal and replacement is their only repair option.

Raise and support concrete driveway.

Acme Concrete raised the above driveway back to the correct grade, resulting in even and level joints.  Moving vehicles in and out of the garage once again became a smooth process.  Additionally, the area itself looks nicer!

When selling a home, it is also important to note that having settled concrete repaired will help prevent problems with a potential buyer.

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair Can Eliminate Your Need for Costly Replacements

Raising sunken concrete is our specialty.  In most cases, we can offer a solution to settled concrete problems even if cracks are present. Contact us for a free, no-hassle estimate.

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