Raise Dropped Concrete Porch

Do You Need a Solution for a Dropped Concrete Porch?

Concrete porches typically get a lot of attention from residents and their visitors.  They are meant to provide access to a home or business, and can also provide space for enjoying the outdoor environment. This common welcoming area can be a source of great aggravation if it has settled, sunk or dropped due to poor construction or settling of the ground beneath it.

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair can lift and support your dropped concrete porch for a lot less money and aggravation than you might think.

Raise settled front porch

This Settled Front Porch in Huntley Became a Problem During a Home Inspection

This particular homeowner became aware of our concrete raising services following a home inspection conducted when selling their home. The home inspector specified the need to raise and support the concrete porch in order to prevent continued settling and damage. Acme Concrete responded promptly to this need, making the repairs and helping to avoid any further real estate delay.  We raised the porch and supported it by filling underneath voids to prevent future problems.

We Fix More Than Just Front Porches

During our repair visit, we were able to also eliminate a trip and fall hazard that developed in the sidewalk approaching the front door.

Repair concrete trip hazard

This is a good example of a relatively simple repair.  Simple repairs can enhance the safety of any home or business, and help avoid issues that need to be dealt with when selling a property.

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