Raising a Settled Sidewalk in Bartlett

Acme Concrete Repairs Settled Concrete in Bartlett, IL

Settled sidewalks running parallel to a residence or building typically end up incorrectly pitching toward the building.   People often wonder why the sidewalk’s edge closest to their home settles more.  Drainage issues are typically the number one culprit.

When it rains, water is collected from the roof and needs to be properly routed away in order to prevent the water from cause erosion problems.  These erosion problems affect sidewalks, steps, patios and many other structures.  Making sure gutters are clean and properly functioning is very important.

Correct improper sidewalk pitch

Polyurethane Provides a Superior Repair

This Bartlett sidewalk was repaired by raising the sidewalk edge closest to the home. Our repair properly pitched water away from the home rather than trapping it next to the foundation.

Polyurethane is extremely strong and creates a long lasting repair. Learn more here: Strength of Polyurethane