Raising a Stamped Patio in Algonquin

Acme Raises Stamped Concrete Patios

Stamped concrete is a wonderful investment that looks great and adds exceptional value to any home. Even stamped concrete, however, is subject to settling if the area is prone to drainage issues or was poorly compacted during construction. The good news is that Acme Concrete can save stamped concrete patios that are sunken, and return your investment to the condition it once was.

Lift settled patio in Algonquin, IL

Polyurethane Injections: Powerful Yet Controlled Concrete Lifting

Despite the 2-1/2 inch lift and multiple hairline crack present, our polyurethane injection system gently raised this patio without disturbing existing cracks or creating new ones. Also, our injection holes were only 5/8 inch in diameter and once patched are virtually unnoticeable. As an added bonus, our lifting materials are extremely light and will not aggravate settling like other dense materials used in “mudjacking”.

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