Leveling Tilted Concrete Steps in Palatine, IL

Acme Concrete Raises Settled Steps in Palatine

All sorts of settled concrete can be raised, even steps!

A homeowner in Palatine called us in to fix a Trip Hazard that developed between a set of concrete steps and adjoining sidewalk at the side entrance of the home. Although this customer resided in a managed community, the association bylaws left all exterior concrete as homeowner responsibility.

Previous Mudjacking that Failed

Unfortunately, this customer had these steps mudjacked previously and now had to bear the expense of raising them a second time. We were happy to provide a permanent repair solution that will not wash out or shrink like mudjacking. We’ve also enabled this customer to avoid the expensive alternative of replacing the steps.

Lift and level concrete steps.

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair is proud to be the first Northwest Suburban concrete raising contractor focused specifically on providing Polyurethane Concrete Raising services.