Raising Apartment Complex Patios in Mt. Prospect

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair participated in a large renovation project in Mt. Prospect, IL.  Acme was contracted by a major restoration company to perform concrete raising services for 13 multi-story apartment buildings.  These buildings were receiving beautiful updates along with many ground improvements.

The ground floor units of the apartment buildings were equipped with sliding glass doors leading to concrete patios.  Many of the patios were in good structural condition, however, a significant number of these concrete patios had settled considerably.

Lifting settled concrete patios.

Acme Concrete Inc. Provides a Better Alternative to Mud Jacking

As with many apartment complexes, this particular commercial property possessed many landscape features that would present challenges for traditional mud jacking operations. Site challenges included limited vehicle access, steep landscape features and extensive vegetation.  These conditions would normally create difficulties for the typical mudjacker. They could even prevent the mud jacker’s portable mud pumps from accessing many of the settled patios. Acme Concrete Inc., on the other hand, has an efficient system and was not restricted.

This renovation project also involved many contractors simultaneously working on the site and all units were currently occupied by residents.  Acme Concrete easily accessed the locations without disrupting any resident or additional construction activities.

Concrete patios had settled anywhere from a few inches, all the way up to 7 inches.  The settling was primarily along the edge of the patio parallel to the building structure.  The settled patios caused unsafe step heights leading to, and away from, occupant living spaces.   Settled patios also resulted in rainwater accumulating at the building.  Acme Concrete Inc. raised over 50 patios correcting step height and pitching water away from the structures.  Each patio only required about 10 minutes to raise and repair.

NOTE:  Before hiring a company to raise concrete at your commercial property, please consider these important points:  Tips for selecting a great contractor