Raising Settled Commercial Concrete Walkways in Algonquin

Approximately 1500 sq ft of this popular storefront’s walkway was raised by Acme Concrete in Fall 2015.   This was done with no service interruption for the busy Algonquin retailer who is visited by hundreds of people nearly every day.

Commercial concrete raising in Algonquin, IL

Aside from trip and fall hazards, the sunken walkway also created issues for snow removal during the winter months.  Potential hazards were avoided by the quick and effective repair.

Acme Concrete level commercial sidewalk Algonquin, IL

Acme Concrete Inc. lifted the sunken areas in less than a day.  This was done while the retail shop was open for business thus avoiding any loss in revenue.

Lifting a sunken concrete pedestrian ramp

Acme Concrete’s non-invasive concrete lifting process did not disturb the business or any customers.