Raising Settled Concrete in McHenry

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair Inc. Proudly Serves the City of McHenry

Based in nearby Lake in the Hills, IL Acme Concrete Raising & Repair quickly and efficiently provides modern concrete raising services to all of McHenry County. 

Nearly all the concrete located at this McHenry rental property was suffering from settling. The concrete front sidewalk, garage apron, back patios and sidewalk along the residence side had all settled.  This caused trip hazards, improper drainage and made the property look run down.

The front walk had settled causing a dangerous bottom step height of nearly 12 inches (safe residential step height is less than 7.75 inches).  Acme Concrete Inc. corrected the step height to less than 7.5 inches.  Other trip hazards were also eliminated.

Lift and Level McHenry Sidewalk

Has Your Concrete Dropped and Let You Down? Let Acme Give it a Lift!

Do not underestimate the power and capability of our Polyurethane Concrete Raising system.  We can easily raise thick slabs of concrete 6 inches or more.  We then stabilized the slabs, resulting in a long-lasting repair.  Our lifting materials will not crack, shrink or washout like mudjacking.

Sunken back patio

A great benefit of our polyurethane is it is lightweight and will not aggravate further settling.  Do not mistake the fact of being lightweight as not strong.  Polyurethane is indeed VERY strong.  Some State road repair projects even specify polyurethane as the required lifting material.  In these cases, mudjacking is not even considered.

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