Saving Settled Concrete in Crystal Lake

Restoring Proper Step Height, Pitch and Grade

Aside from providing quick, quality service, our aim is to educate people about how we can save settled, sunken concrete. Too often people assume removal and replacement is their only option. This just isn’t true! We successfully provide customer after customer long-lasting solutions that result in existing concrete looking strong, level and pitched just as it once was.

Lift settled sidewalk and driveway.


Restoring Pitch and Grade with Polyurethane

This Crystal Lake, IL customer had put up with the effects of settled concrete to the point of being ready to replace it.  Their three main problems were: 1) The step height from the stoop down to the sidewalk was too high and became dangerous; 2) The sidewalk pitched toward the home so heavy rain events resulted in water running to their foundation; 3) The driveway sunk nearly 3 inches below the garage floor and created a large bump when driving in or out of the garage.

These Issues Were Resolved in Just a Few Hours!

Our polyurethane concrete raising process is a neat, trailer-mounted system that is fully self contained. We arrive at a project location and generally have repairs complete within just a few short hours. People are regularly shocked at the great results we provide!

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