Raising a Dropped, Uneven Sidewalk in Carol Stream

Providing Permanent Solutions to Sunken Sidewalks

Dangerous step height, tripping hazards and concrete that looks weak or run down, are all common in the Chicago area. This beautiful Carol Stream home had everything going for it except one thing – settled concrete. Like many people, these homeowners believed their only option for repair was to have this sidewalk busted up, removed, and have new concrete poured.

Level sidewalk joints in Carol Stream.

Expert Concrete Raising with Polyurethane

This home had a front porch step height that was too large leading down to the sidewalk. The sidewalk also had a sagging area resulting in a trip hazard.  Acme Concrete Raising & Repair effectively corrected both of these issues in just a few short hours, and at the fraction of the cost to replace it.  From Carol Stream to McHenry and beyond – we are here to serve you.  Call us today for a free estimate.

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