Sidewalk and Patio Lifting in Dundee, IL

Correcting Drainage Issues in Dundee, IL

No one wants to risk having water enter their home.  This is especially true for homeowners having finished basements. This project in Dundee is a great example of how we can help correct improper drainage and guard against water entering your basement.

During heavy rain events, water would collect on this patio and naturally run down the sidewalk spilling towards the window well. Although this homeowner never experienced water entering the basement, they decided to have us correct the pitch of the concrete to help avoid an almost certain disaster in the future.

Correct sidewalk and patio pitch.


Polyurethane Injections Correct Pitch and Improve Aesthetics

Not only did we eliminate potential flooding, this homeowner now has concrete that is maintained, not looking sunken or run down. With plans to put this property up for sale, the homeowner will not have to worry about a home inspection identifying drainage issues caused by settled concrete.

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