Sidewalk Raising in McHenry, IL

Acme Concrete Raises Settled Concrete in McHenry, IL

Sometimes we receive requests to raise a single settled sidewalk or driveway section that is adjacent to another piece of concrete like a patio or other slab that has settled as well. What can happen is that raising one piece of concrete can actually result in new trip hazard or uneven joint that now requires adjustment as well. The photo below reveals a common scenario: This sidewalk in McHenry had been settled for many years. So many years that the driveway had been replaced as to match the settled sidewalk.

Settled McHenry sidewalk

Raising Multiple Structures May be Your Solution

Since the patio at the opposite end had also settled, raising this sidewalk resulted in an uneven joint where it meets the patio. Although the patio was easily lifted to match the raised sidewalk, the homeowner was not aware this would need to be done prior to contacting us. The uneven edge end where the sidewalk meets the asphalt driveway is going to be addressed by the homeowner with cold patch asphalt.

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