St. Charles IL Concrete Raising and Leveling

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair, Chicagoland’s original Polyurethane Concrete Raising Specialists, was selected by the Kingswood Townhomes Association to raise and level their settled concrete. Acme lifted sunken slabs at over 40 unique locations throughout this St. Charles development. If you are looking into concrete raising services, be sure to not miss our Frequently Asked Questions page!

Raising Sunken Walkways

St. Charles Il Concrete Raising And Leveling

Several walkways had sunk where they meet the adjoining driveway. This resulted in an uneven surface which could easily trip someone up, especially in low light or at night time. In some cases, in order to restore a smooth walking plane, the driveway panels also needed to be adjusted in order to properly align the slabs. To learn more about trip hazards, be sure to check out our trip hazards page!

Lifting Settled Garage Approaches

St. Charles Il Concrete Raising And Leveling

Do you notice a large bump when you drive your car into the garage? Several residents here at Kingswood did. It’s a pretty common occurrence for driveways to sink right in front of the garage entrance. Left unattended, that bump can continue to worsen. Also, it’s important to understand there can be additional consequences when a driveway drops like in this example. The sinking concrete exposes the front edge of the garage floor can start becoming damaged from impact it was not designed to endure. If you think you have a settled garage floor or driveway, we have a page for that: Driveways & Garage Floors.

Raising Settled Front Walks

St. Charles Il Concrete Raising And Leveling

Concrete typically sinks slowly over time. So slow, you might not even notice it happening. In this example, a front sidewalk sunk right where it meets the stoop at the entryway door. The result is a tall step up from the sidewalk up to the stoop. As a homeowner with this issue, you may be used to this tall step, however, your delivery people or visitors probably are not. Learn more about Step Height and Sidewalks.

Lifting Sunken Driveways at the Curb

St. Charles Il Concrete Raising And Leveling

Does your driveway hold water where it meets the curb? Many driveways are designed to drain water into the curb. However, if your driveway sinks it may not drain water properly. Standing water is not ideal – it can seep down beneath the concrete causing further erosion and settlement. In the colder months, pooling water can also freeze and cause dangerous slip hazards.

ACME: Residential, Commercial and Municipal Concrete Raising Services

We are Chicagoland’s original Polyurethane Concrete Raising Specialists! Our projects range from a single slab of residential driveway up to several thousand feet of municipal sidewalk, and yes, everything in between. No job is too small, and certainly, no job is too big for Acme Concrete Raising & Repair Inc. Learn more about our company now!