Village of Lakewood Sidewalk Repair

A customer located within the Village of Lakewood called us about their sidewalk leading up to the front door. They wanted it raised, but were concerned it couldn’t be raised because it was separated by a large crack. To make things worse, the crack created a dangerous tripping hazard.

Cracks in settled concrete are very common, and we raise cracked concrete all the time with great success. Yes, sometimes we come across concrete that has too many cracks to be effectively raised, but most times we can raise it.

Settled and cracked concrete sidewalk

Acme Saves Cracked, Settled Concrete!

Most all concrete cracks even under the best of circumstances. Although, a poor sub-base can result in a lack of support that will stress concrete in ways it was not intended to withstand. Unfortunately this can result in cracking and settling. If you suspect you have concrete with voids underneath it, we can perform void filling in order to provide the structural support it needs.

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