Washout Can Cause Settled Concrete

Washed Out Backfill Causes Crystal Lake Sidewalk to Sink

Many times, washout is caused by improper drainage from gutters not discharging water far enough away from a home or business.  There are also times where washout is caused by human error – better known as a mistake.  In this particular situation, a water hose was left running overnight. This may sound like an extreme example, but a simple error such as this can cause washout.

Washout can cause settled concrete

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair Can Fix These Problems

Many people are happy to learn that Acme Concrete Inc. can repair and resolve washout situations.  Even if settled/sunken concrete is cracked, chances are it can be saved by Acme Concrete’s polyurethane concrete lifting system. We raised this sidewalk and filled the void underneath with our structural lifting foam.  This extremely strong polyurethane foam is also impervious to future washout.

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