Repairing The Top 3 Sunken Concrete Problems

As Chicagoland’s most trusted experts, we at Acme Concrete Raising & Repair see every situation conceivable when it comes to settled concrete. From sinking foundations to dropped interior floors to problems with municipal infrastructure, we see it all! However, this article is about the three most common problems caused by sunken concrete.

Problem Number 1: Sinking Sidewalks

Sunken concrete problem number one: Sunken Sidewalk

Whether residential or commercial, sinking sidewalks claim the top spot on our short list. Sidewalks can get pushed up by tree roots or sink due to weak soils. No matter what caused them, uneven or slanted slabs are the most common cause of trip hazards. These hazards affect everyone, from home or business owners to delivery people. If trip hazards aren’t the issue, sidewalks are notorious for sinking at entryways, causing a large step up to porches, steps, or stoops. In addition to being annoying, these problems can also mean that your home doesn’t meet local building codes.

Problem Number 2: Sunken Patios

Sunken concrete problem two: sunken concrete patio

When patios sink, control joints may break and result in nasty trip spots. Uneven, tilted slabs are also a major eye sore, leaving your property looking rundown and in need of repair. Sinking can also prevent water from draining properly away from the building. If your patio sinks right next to your home’s foundation, water can run toward and pool at the foundation, which can damage the structure and drain tile. Most patios can be raised, correcting these issues at a fraction of the cost of dealing with foundation problems.

Problem Number 3: Settled Driveways

Sunken concrete problem three: Sunken Driveways

We commonly see driveways with broken, misaligned control joints, causing trip spots and drainage issues. However, the most common problem with a driveway is that it sinks near the garage door, making a big bump when you pull in or out. Over time, these problems can continue to worsen and result in the concrete cracking. If the problem isn’t fixed quickly and correctly, it could get worse to the point where replacement is the only solution.

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No matter if you have a sinking sidewalk, patio, driveway, or large equipment pad at a municipal pumping station, Acme Concrete Raising & Repair can fix it quickly and efficiently. We are experts at raising concrete with polyurethane; it’s the only thing we do. Our crews are highly trained, certified, and use the very best materials available! Our repairs are long-term solutions and very economical. Don’t choose just any old polyurethane provider, demand Acme Concrete Raising & Repair and its Smart Lift System®!

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