Sidewalk Repair & Leveling: Typical Costs With Examples

Sinking and cracking can lead you to believe you need a new sidewalk. Before you decide to remove and replace your sidewalk, did you know that it can be repaired? Our company specializes in the raising and leveling of dropped, tilted, and cracked concrete. In this article, you’ll learn how repairing sidewalks works and how much it might cost for your project.

Sidewalk Repair & Leveling: Typical Costs With Examples

How much does Sidewalk Replacement Cost?

Concrete replacement costs can vary widely from contractor to contractor. Some contractors are set up for smaller jobs, while others only want big projects. This can greatly affect whether or not a company bids your job with the intention of winning your business or not. The only way to really know what the replacement cost would be is to have concrete replacement companies view the work and provide written estimates.

Average Sidewalk Concrete Leveling Prices

In most cases, concrete leveling and repair can help you save on the cost of replacement. Raising services can typically remedy issues related to the settlement in a fraction of the time and hassle associated with removal and replacement. Below is an overview of the pricing for an average sidewalk repair, depending on the concrete leveling situation. 

    For small adjustments, your cost could be as low as $450. Most sidewalk leveling projects are completed for less than $650. 

    However, note that concrete leveling pricing depends on several factors and cannot be determined until an expert has inspected the area. If you have a relatively long sidewalk that has areas that are significantly settled, costs may exceed $1,200. 

    Other Factors To Consider

    No matter how much you might want to hire a concrete raising company, you should be confident that the repair is significantly less costly than replacement. Concrete raising is in fact a “repair,” not resulting in something that’s new. A repair cost should provide you with the benefit of being much less costly than new construction.

    Sidewalk Repair & Leveling: Typical Costs With Examples 2


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