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As Chicagoland’s original polyurethane concrete raising & stabilization specialists, our company focuses on a single expertise: Polyurethane Foam Concrete Raising & Stabilization. Our Smart Lift System® uniquely combines specialized equipment, high-performance material, and unmatched expertise, providing you the greatest overall value. You should not “settle” for mudjacking or generic polylift alternatives, demand the original, demand Acme Concrete Raising & Repair!

Your concrete is an enormous investment! If not raised or stabilized properly, you could end up having to replace it, which can cost thousands of dollars. Concrete raising, deep injection, void filling and stabilization are highly technical services. Putting your trust in any company not completely dedicated to specializing in these services puts your concrete, property, and money at risk.

Better Equipment Equals Better Results!

Concrete raising services are only as good as the equipment used and the people who operate it. The Smart Lift System is composed of specially selected components that ensure the best repair possible. By using advanced, Air-Purged injection equipment, our high airflow injectors promote better material spread beneath the concrete. Better spread means better support. Air purging also allows precise lifts without having to re-drill your concrete. Our customized and advanced system also allows us to monitor the mix ratio at the point of use. This unique feature allows our technicians to ensure a proper mix of material throughout your project.

The Right Material for Your Specific Application

With a wide variety of specialty materials, we equipped the Smart Lift System® to handle a multitude of issues. We use lifting foams designed for the heaviest of slabs that meet the compressive strength requirements for highways. In addition, our deep injection materials are specifically formulated to displace groundwater and stabilize subgrades. This is extremely effective in repairing failing sea walls along rivers and lakes. Our company also has special void filling and stabilization foams that are manufactured to perform with a slow reaction time. These products fill empty spaces and provide support without lifting or displacing the slabs.

Estimate Guard: Our promise of the Best Overall Value!

When you choose the Smart Lift System®, you don’t just get the best equipment, materials, and service, you get the protection of Estimate Guard. Estimate Guard is our promise to provide the very best overall value for your project. If you think you have an offer with a better price or warranty, Acme Concrete Raising & Repair will meet or beat that offer – guaranteed! See our complete Estimate Guard details for information on how you can be absolutely confident you’re getting the best overall value for your money.

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