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Dropped steps in Elgin, IL

When concrete settles, it is something that typically happens slowly over several years. It’s understandable when you use the concrete on a daily basis, whether it’s a sidewalk, stoop or set of steps, the fact that your concrete is dropping can be … Continue reading

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Sunken commercial concrete stairs

This Wauconda, IL business dealt with these crooked, sagging stairs for a long time. The main hazards included improper step height and unlevel surfaces.  These were particularly dangerous during freezing conditions when ice would develop.  This stairway is also used daily as it … Continue reading

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Unlevel Concrete Steps in Huntley, IL

The steps to this Huntley patio were constructed as an independent structure, separate from the patio. Although the patio itself had settled, the steps sank at a greater rate due to their weight in comparison to the slabs. Typically, our … Continue reading

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