Raising a Driveway in Maple Park, IL

Many people are unaware of just how easy and economical it is to raise concrete slabs that dropped due to settling.  Some may think that since concrete installation is costly and invasive – why wouldn’t repairing it be the same?  Raising concrete is more economical than you might think. Acme Concrete Raising & Repair Lifts […]

Driveway Sunk Down in Lake in the Hills

This project was a classic example of something we see every day – concrete driveways that settle at the garage.  If you look at these areas around your neighborhood, you will probably notice that this is a very common problem.  Aside from seeing this at customer locations, we notice it occurring in many (if not most) […]

Lifting Settled Driveway Arlington Heights

This Arlington Heights customer called us to see if we could raise their driveway back to the height of the garage floor. The left half of the driveway had sunk about  4″ along the left edge meeting the garage. The right half had settled only about 2″. The settling of the driveway resulted in the homeowners […]

Saving a Dropped Crystal Lake Garage Approach

Acme Concrete Inc. Saves Settled Concrete in Chicago’s NW Suburbs! Concrete is still one of the best invented building materials.  However, everything has limitations and drawbacks.  Although concrete is durable and lasts a long time, most concrete will crack.  If an area is not properly prepared prior to installation, settling will likely occur.  When concrete sinks, it […]

Raising a Garage Approach that Dropped in Algonquin

We find that it is very common to see garage approaches settle. This can be due to poor backfill and compaction.  Many times, however, the problem is either caused, or at least aggravated, by improper drainage. So often we see downspouts that do not get rainwater far enough away from the home. Downspouts that dump […]

Concrete Driveway Raising – Crystal Lake

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair Lifts Sunken Driveways in Crystal Lake, IL We received a call from a Crystal Lake resident describing a driveway section at their garage which had cracked and dropped about 2 inches. This caused a very noticeable bump every time they drove their car in or out. To make matters worse, the driveway’s […]