Settled Concrete Got you Down?

Driveways & Garage Floors

Sunken garage floors and driveways can be fixed within hours. Our sophisticated repairs allow for immediate usage!

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Sunken sidewalks can be fixed quickly without breaking out and replacing your concrete. Quick, easy repairs allow for immediate use.

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Porches, Steps & Stoops

Watch us correct step heights and fix sunken porches just like yours! No lengthy delays!

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Patios & Pool Decks

Sunken slabs ruining your summer fun? Our same day repairs can be walked on right away!

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Acme Succeeds Where Concrete Fails!

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Settled concrete can be dangerous. Make sure your concrete is not in violation of codes or local ordinance: Trip Hazards

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Engineered to support our busy highways, polyurethane is stronger than you think. Concrete Lifting Foam Strength

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Acme Succeeds Where Concrete Fails!

Polyurethane Concrete Raising Experts
Sunken, settled concrete is a common problem.  It can cause tripping hazards, drainage issues and leave a property looking run-down. Dropped concrete affects curb appeal and reduces property values.

Finding an effective, economical resolution doesn’t have to be difficult.  Our company specializes in raising settled concrete, and we do so with high-quality polyurethane.  With Acme Concrete, you can be confident you’re working with a licensed company whose primary business is raising sunken concrete.

We use the same process required over mudjacking selected by large DOT Highway projects.  Such projects in Chicagoland include the I-294 revitalization and Elgin-O’hare expressway repair projects. Mudjacking bids weren’t even allowed.  Acme Concrete will never “float” or “pump” your concrete up with messy aggregate/mud based slurries.

With Acme Concrete’s modern process, you won’t be subject to large, invasive and noisy dump trucks. There are NO messy mud pumps or extensive cleanup. Our company won’t drill large holes in your concrete either! Acme Concrete units are self-contained and our material is ready on-demand. We will complete your concrete raising project quickly and efficiently, and you won’t have to wait hours or days to use your concrete!