Concrete Crack Waterproofing

Waterproofing Concrete Foundation Wall Cracks

Let Acme Concrete Raising & Repair makes quick, easy work of waterproofing your cracked foundation wall!

Our Crack Repair Process is…

  • Quick and Non-Invasive:  No outdoor excavation – repairs are made easily from inside the structure.
  • Proven Methods:  Our method successfully repairs thousands of Chicagoland foundations each year.
  • Guaranteed!  Permanent repair with a “Lifetime of the Structure Guarantee”.
ACME Concrete Foundation Crack Repair Procedure
Watch a brief demonstration on how we waterproof a typical poured concrete foundation crack, leaving you with the confidence of a lifetime warranty.
The biggest problem with most cracks found in poured concrete foundation walls is they leak, or will leak at some point in the future. The majority of foundation cracks we encounter do not pose any structural threat.  They simply require a waterproofing solution.  Aside from the obvious potential to cause water damage to furniture, contents, finished walls and flooring, moisture entering a living space is never good.  Moisture also increases dampness and increases the potential for mold growth.  Although there is varying opinion, we believe it is best to maintain relative humidity levels at, or below, 50%.
Crack Waterproofing Repair Methods
There are different methods used to repair cracks in concrete walls and foundations. Repair methods are specific per situation.  This means no single repair method solves every problem.  Some contractors might even try to make their own particular business method fit a problem where another method would be far more successful.  We encourage you to ask contractors questions until you are comfortable with the answers.

For cracks that only need a waterproofing solution, Acme Concrete Raising & Repair provides a permanent solution by using hydrophilic and hydrophobic polyurethane injections.  This repair method applies to greater than 95% of cracks found in poured concrete foundations or walls. Please ask us, we enjoy sharing just how this method works!

Interior Versus Exterior Crack Repair Methods
Interior Crack Repair Methods have advanced with today’s technology.  For cracks that do not threaten the structural integrity of the building, Acme Concrete Raising & Repair uses specialty polyurethanes and methods.  This provides a permanent waterproofing solution.  Cracks are injected with an expanding polyurethane foam that completely fills and seals the crack from the inside out.

The benefits of a polyurethane repair are:

  • When injected, polyurethane expands and completely fills all crack voids.
  • Repairs are performed from inside and do not disrupt the structure exterior.
  • Polyurethane remains flexible and keeps cracks sealed during future movement.

If you have a cracked foundation and feel it may pose a structural problem, epoxy injection may be a better solution.

Exterior Crack Repair methods can be advantageous in situations where the crack is not readily accessible from inside the structure.  This type of repair involves digging down along the outer edge of the foundation and exposing the entire length of the crack.  Once the crack has been completely exposed, the hole is filled with a dry granular clay, typically sodium bentonite.  Sodium bentonite will not provide any structural benefit, but it forms an impermeable moisture barrier against the exterior of the foundation.

Things to consider with this type of exterior repair:

  • Intrusive repair – may disrupt landscaping
  • Labor intensive – soil alongside foundation must be removed
  • Accessibility issues – especially near patios, decks, sidewalks or garages

If a crack is accessible from the exterior and can be fully exposed, it can usually be waterproofed with sodium bentonite.  Since the purpose of this method is to stop the water before it can enter the crack, it is technically not a concrete repair.  ACME Concrete Raising & Repair does not perform exterior repairs.  We inject cracks from the interior with polyurethane or epoxy.  This interior crack repair method is backed up by a lifetime warranty.

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