Waterproofing Wall Penetrations

If you have a pipe, conduit, structural beams or something that appears to be a small crack in your foundation wall that is leaking, Acme Concrete Raising & Repair can provide a permanent wall waterproofing solution – one that is fast and economical!

Pipe and Conduit Wall Leaks

Why Do I Have Wall Penetrations?

Most foundation walls have pipes running through them from when the walls were originally constructed. Sometimes these pipes were placed into the wall when the concrete was poured. Other times, the pipes were run through the existing foundation walls by drilling holes and then installing the pipe.

Pipe penetrations can include:

  • Water service lines
  • Sewer pipes
  • Natural gas or propane supply
  • Electrical conduits

Why Do Some Wall Penetrations Leak?
When pipes are installed through existing concrete walls, holes are drilled.  This can make easy access for water to enter if not sealed properly.  Usually, an attempt of retaining the wall foundation is made by packing rigid material, such as hydraulic cement, in and around the hole the pipe was installed through. This type of patch typically only penetrates the hole an inch or two, and it is very susceptible to cracking.

Over time, temperature changes cause concrete foundations to expand and contract. These movements can result in wall patches losing their bond, resulting in a crack in your foundation wall and water leaking into your basement or crawl space.

Form Ties, Snap Ties, or Tie Rods Leaks

What Are They?
When concrete foundation forms are assembled, steel rods or bars are installed to keep the forms from spreading apart while concrete is being poured. These bars or rods are commonly referred to as Form Ties, Snap Ties, or Tie Rods.  Once the concrete hardens and the forms are removed, the steel rods or bars remain in the concrete.  Any rod or bar ends that are sticking out past the edge of the concrete are usually broken off flush with the concrete wall.

Why Do They Leak?
Over time, moisture can attack these steel rods and cause them to rust. If enough deterioration occurs, it can result in a void between the rod and the concrete, allowing water to enter through the wall and into the basement.

A Permanent Waterproofing Solution For Leaking Wall Penetrations

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair fixes all types of wall penetration problems by using polyurethane injections to completely fill the void with a flexible sealing material. The result is a permanent waterproofing solution which remains sealed through normal expanding and contracting of the foundation wall.

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