Sidewalk Leveling in Elgin IL

When this Elgin customer called us, they had recently purchased a new home. Along with the new home, the customer inherited a very unsafe sidewalk!  The sidewalk led to the front door from another sidewalk leading to their driveway.  In this particular case, half of the sidewalk running along the side of the home was anchored (with steel rebar) to the foundation and the front stoop. When the settling occurred the rebar bent, causing the concrete walk to drop significantly.

Concrete sidewalk in Elgin, IL that settled along side a home.

Our Polyurethane Process Has Incredible Lifting Power!

Even with steel rebar tying the sidewalk into the home’s foundation, our polyurethane injection system easily raised these settled slabs back into place. Exactly how strong are our lifting foams? Strong enough to support a Sherman Tank with ease!  Aside from being extremely strong, polyurethane creates a lightweight support structure beneath the raised slabs that will not wash out like most old mudjacking methods.  If you would like to learn more about the differences between our modern concrete raising services and the older methods, please check out this page: Polyurathane VS Mudjacking

Once the main sidewalk going to the front door was raised, the adjoining sidewalk leading to the driveway was lifted back to its original height.

Lift and level concrete sidewalk in Elgin, IL

Don’t Waste Your Money on Replacement or Mud Jacking!

For a long lasting, quality repair, don’t settle for old mud jacking companies . Our polyurethane process creates a lightweight support structure that will not add weight to the area like mud jacking – which can promote further settling.  Our foams result in an environmentally inert structure that will not crack, shrink or washout.

Remember: Acme succeeds where concrete fails!

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