Raising a Sunken Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped concrete is absolutely beautiful! What a shame it is when decorative work like this suffers from settling. What’s worse is that many times when slabs drop due to poor sub-base, they can end up cracking. We routinely come across patios that have not only sunk but are also broken. Settled, cracked concrete (stamped or not) looks run down […]

Raising Apartment Complex Patios in Mt. Prospect

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair participated in a large renovation project in Mt. Prospect, IL.  Acme was contracted by a major restoration company to perform concrete raising services for 13 multi-story apartment buildings.  These buildings were receiving beautiful updates along with many ground improvements. The ground floor units of the apartment buildings were equipped with sliding glass doors leading to concrete […]

Raising Settled Concrete in McHenry

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair Inc. Proudly Serves the City of McHenry Based in nearby Lake in the Hills, IL Acme Concrete Raising & Repair quickly and efficiently provides modern concrete raising services to all of McHenry County.  Nearly all the concrete located at this McHenry rental property was suffering from settling. The concrete front […]

Polyjacking a Settled Crystal Lake Patio

Polyurethane Concrete Lifting or “Polyjacking” Saves Sunken Crystal Lake Patio Due to poor backfill material used by the home builder, this beautiful concrete patio was destined for trouble from the time of construction.  Although difficult to imagine from the photo, the outer left edge of this patio had dropped a full 5 inches! To make matters worse, the […]

Leveling Uneven Concrete in Inverness

Acme Concrete Levels Uneven Concrete in Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs Uneven concrete is unsafe as it can create tripping hazards.  Uneven concrete is also unsightly and can make a property look run down and not maintained.  Raising low spots and matching them with surrounding concrete surfaces can provide dramatic results. Raising and leveling concrete also helps prevent dangerous trips and falls. This […]

Raising a Stamped Patio in Algonquin

Acme Raises Stamped Concrete Patios Stamped concrete is a wonderful investment that looks great and adds exceptional value to any home. Even stamped concrete, however, is subject to settling if the area is prone to drainage issues or was poorly compacted during construction. The good news is that Acme Concrete can save stamped concrete patios that […]

Sidewalk and Patio Lifting in Dundee, IL

Correcting Drainage Issues in Dundee, IL No one wants to risk having water enter their home.  This is especially true for homeowners having finished basements. This project in Dundee is a great example of how we can help correct improper drainage and guard against water entering your basement. During heavy rain events, water would collect on […]

Another Schaumburg Patio Saved

Raise Settled Concrete. Don’t Replace It! This Schaumburg patio was once a foundation for a four seasons room. Due to settling of the patio and on-going maintenance issues of the structure itself, the homeowner decided to remove the four seasons room.  They considered possibly replacing the concrete patio. After learning about how we raise settled concrete with polyurethane injections, […]

Lift and Support Sycamore Patio

Lift and Support Patio Section in Sycamore, IL This patio experienced settling that did not create any drainage issues but did result in a dangerous tripping hazard. Problems like this are solved quickly and easily with our polyurethane concrete raising system. As you can see in the photo, one of the great things about our system is […]

McHenry Patio Lifting Services

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair Lifts Sunken Patios in McHenry, IL Patios are meant to be enjoyed, not to be an eyesore or trip hazard. This McHenry customer was concerned about grandchildren tripping on uneven edges and the improper drainage that resulted from the settled portions of this patio. Superior Lifting Materials for Long Lasting […]