Raise Sunken Steps In Elgin

When concrete settles, it is something that typically happens slowly over several years. It’s understandable when you use the concrete on a daily basis, whether it’s a sidewalk, stoop or set of steps, the fact that your concrete is dropping can be hard to detect. However, there are a few things that can make it painfully obvious […]

Lift and Level settled Algonquin Sidewalk

We raised this curved sidewalk for a customer located in Algonquin, IL. Although in very good structural condition, the sidewalk settled considerably. As a result, a dangerous trip hazard occurred due to excessive step height at the porch. It is not hard to see how dangerous this type of condition can be.  This is especially […]

Raising Apartment Complex Patios in Mt. Prospect

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair participated in a large renovation project in Mt. Prospect, IL.  Acme was contracted by a major restoration company to perform concrete raising services for 13 multi-story apartment buildings.  These buildings were receiving beautiful updates along with many ground improvements. The ground floor units of the apartment buildings were equipped with sliding glass doors leading to concrete […]

Raising Settled Concrete in McHenry

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair Inc. Proudly Serves the City of McHenry Based in nearby Lake in the Hills, IL Acme Concrete Raising & Repair quickly and efficiently provides modern concrete raising services to all of McHenry County.  Nearly all the concrete located at this McHenry rental property was suffering from settling. The concrete front […]

Raising a Dropped, Uneven Sidewalk in Carol Stream

Providing Permanent Solutions to Sunken Sidewalks Dangerous step height, tripping hazards and concrete that looks weak or run down, are all common in the Chicago area. This beautiful Carol Stream home had everything going for it except one thing – settled concrete. Like many people, these homeowners believed their only option for repair was to have […]

Saving Settled Concrete in Crystal Lake

Restoring Proper Step Height, Pitch and Grade Aside from providing quick, quality service, our aim is to educate people about how we can save settled, sunken concrete. Too often people assume removal and replacement is their only option. This just isn’t true! We successfully provide customer after customer long-lasting solutions that result in existing concrete looking […]

Washout Can Cause Settled Concrete

Washed Out Backfill Causes Crystal Lake Sidewalk to Sink Many times, washout is caused by improper drainage from gutters not discharging water far enough away from a home or business.  There are also times where washout is caused by human error – better known as a mistake.  In this particular situation, a water hose was left running overnight. […]

Fixing Improper Step Height in Sleepy Hollow

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair Corrects Step Height in Sleepy Hollow One of the many things we love about our business is that we provide our customers with instant gratification! You see, in most cases (although not always) concrete settles slowly over time. Sometimes it happens over the course of several years. After all that time […]

Correcting a Dangerous Step Height in Sleepy Hollow

Acme Concrete Raises Sidewalks in Sleepy Hollow Many factors can come into play that cause or otherwise exacerbate the settling of concrete. Some of these things include poor compaction, improper grading and drainage, failed gutters and extreme weather changes. Although we can not change or control the weather, settled concrete can be raised in most […]

Correcting a Step Height Code Violation in Crystal Lake, IL

Acme Concrete – the First to Bring Polyurethane Concrete Raising to Crystal Lake Improper step height and uneven joints are common, yet dangerous problems. These hazardous conditions are sometimes overlooked or ignored.  Many people are unaware that a simple solution exists that can quickly and economically correct the problem. Improper step height not only poses […]