Foundation Crack Repair / Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete Crack Repair Services in the North and Northwest Chicago Suburbs

Cracked concrete can be a daunting problem! Acme Concrete Raising & Repair, armed with proper tools and procedures, is able to repair concrete cracks and leaks quickly, effectively & economically.

Foundation Wall Cracks

Concrete Cracks are a Fact of Life!  During construction steps are taken to reduce the occurrence of cracks in concrete.  However, they will never be completely eliminated. Fortunately, in most cases crack issues can be dealt with easily.

Facts About Most Cracks:

  • Most cracks do not pose a structural threat
  • Most cracks are the result of normal settling and curing
  • Most cracks only require a waterproofing solution

Acme’s Concrete Foundation Crack Repair Service
Cracks in poured concrete foundation walls are a common problem. Acme provides lifetime waterproofing solutions giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Most Cracks are Non-Structural Issues:  Basement wall cracks are a common occurrence and are not typically signs of a structural threat.  Most basement or foundation wall cracks are simply the result of the concrete curing process.  They can also be from minor initial settling. These cracks normally run vertical or slightly diagonal across a wall. Major concern is moisture intrusion.  Acme Concrete Raising & Repair provides permanent waterproofing solutions for this type of crack.  We do this using polyurethane injection material.  READ MORE

Cracks Involving Structural Issues:  Foundation cracks that are horizontal, larger than 1/4 inch, or near multiple other cracks, can be the result of structural issues.  These issues can be caused by soil shrinkage, soil pressure or excessive settling of foundation footing.  These cracks may require a structural solution involving the injection of specialty epoxy, and in some cases, additional foundation support methods. READ MORE

Leaking Wall Penetrations

Concrete walls and foundations can have items that were “poured in place” during construction.  These items can allow water to leak in or may present the potential for leakage to occur in the future.  Penetrations such as these typically include water service lines, sewer pipes, electrical conduits, natural gas/propane supplies.  Others may include steel components used as concrete forms when the structure was poured.

We provide waterproofing solutions to permanently resolve these issues. READ MORE

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