Polyjacking Commercial Sidewalks

Poor sub-base and erosion are the common culprits when it comes to concrete sidewalks dropping from their original grade. When sidewalks settle, they typically do so slowly over several years time. In some situations where the entire structure drops evenly, it may not be very obvious – it can even be hard to tell it’s sinking. However, […]

Lifting Commercial Sidewalks in Bloomingdale

Our polyurethane lifting system has many obvious technical advantages over mud jacking. However, we have become the simple choice for managers of commercial properties for many other reasons. Speed, cleanliness, and compact equipment are a few of the reasons. Sites such as apartment buildings, condominiums, shopping centers and office complexes can have a lot of […]

Concrete Lifting in Hawthorn Woods

Raising settled concrete with polyurethane is almost always the quickest, most economical thing to do when you have concrete that has dropped. But what about stamped or stained concrete? The answer is the same – raising your dropped slabs with polyurethane is still the preferred choice. In fact – polyurethane concrete raising (or poly-jacking) is even more […]

Commercial Sidewalks and Concrete Raising

Trip Hazards Along Curbs? Acme Makes Getting them Fixed Easy! When sidewalks settle along curbs, a couple of problems can occur. First and foremost are the very real safety hazards associated with uneven surfaces. A sudden change in elevation exceeding 0.25″ is the very definition of a trip hazard and can result in serious bodily injury to […]

Lift and Level settled Algonquin Sidewalk

We raised this curved sidewalk for a customer located in Algonquin, IL. Although in very good structural condition, the sidewalk settled considerably. As a result, a dangerous trip hazard occurred due to excessive step height at the porch. It is not hard to see how dangerous this type of condition can be.  This is especially […]

Sidewalk Leveling in Elgin IL

When this Elgin customer called us, they had recently purchased a new home. Along with the new home, the customer inherited a very unsafe sidewalk!  The sidewalk led to the front door from another sidewalk leading to their driveway.  In this particular case, half of the sidewalk running along the side of the home was […]

Raising Settled Commercial Concrete Walkways in Algonquin

Approximately 1500 sq ft of this popular storefront’s walkway was raised by Acme Concrete in Fall 2015.   This was done with no service interruption for the busy Algonquin retailer who is visited by hundreds of people nearly every day. Aside from trip and fall hazards, the sunken walkway also created issues for snow removal […]

Leveling Commercial Sidewalks in Naperville

Concrete sidewalks typically border parking areas near commercial properties.  This type of sidewalk is often constructed alongside a curb requiring people to step up or down. Stepping up or down typically occurs without much thought or effort. People are usually going about their day and don’t often look at curbs and sidewalks when using them.  If a sidewalk has dropped below the top height of […]

Leveling Commercial Concrete in Bloomingdale

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair was hired to eliminate widespread trip hazards at a large apartment complex located in Bloomingdale, IL. We utilized our minimally invasive polyurethane injection system to quickly correct the problem. Sidewalk Trip Hazards Commonly Occur Along Curbs We repair a lot of trip hazards that have developed along curbs because of […]

Raising Settled Concrete in McHenry

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair Inc. Proudly Serves the City of McHenry Based in nearby Lake in the Hills, IL Acme Concrete Raising & Repair quickly and efficiently provides modern concrete raising services to all of McHenry County.  Nearly all the concrete located at this McHenry rental property was suffering from settling. The concrete front […]