Raising a Sunken Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped concrete is absolutely beautiful! What a shame it is when decorative work like this suffers from settling. What’s worse is that many times when slabs drop due to poor sub-base, they can end up cracking. We routinely come across patios that have not only sunk but are also broken. Settled, cracked concrete (stamped or not) looks run down […]

Concrete Lifting in Hawthorn Woods

Raising settled concrete with polyurethane is almost always the quickest, most economical thing to do when you have concrete that has dropped. But what about stamped or stained concrete? The answer is the same – raising your dropped slabs with polyurethane is still the preferred choice. In fact – polyurethane concrete raising (or poly-jacking) is even more […]

Raising a Sunken Sidewalk in Crystal Lake, IL

We Raise Settled Concrete Sidewalks in Crystal Lake Raising sunken concrete is our specialty, and unlike old mudjacking methods we do it in the most non-invasive way possible. Having this crucial characteristic of being minimally invasive, our polyurethane concrete lifting process is especially beneficial when it comes to raising stamped or stained concrete. By drilling […]

Raising a Stamped Patio in Algonquin

Acme Raises Stamped Concrete Patios Stamped concrete is a wonderful investment that looks great and adds exceptional value to any home. Even stamped concrete, however, is subject to settling if the area is prone to drainage issues or was poorly compacted during construction. The good news is that Acme Concrete can save stamped concrete patios that […]

Raising Stamped Concrete Slabs

Raising Stamped Concrete in Barrington, IL A customer of ours located in Barrington, IL invested in having beautiful stamped concrete sidewalks and landings installed at their residence. Concrete slabs that would normally have no texture or pattern were artistically stamped with a pattern resembling flat stones, which were then stained. Over time, two areas were […]